Automotive Salvage Alternative Fuel Vehicle Safety Training

Even though automotive salvage personnel is not at the front line of emergency response, they play a key role in handling vehicles involved in an incident. Alternative fuel vehicles are no more dangerous than a conventionally fueled vehicle, just different. This difference requires knowledge and training on the unique procedure to follow when dealing with new technology vehicles.

This course, Automotive Salvage Personnel Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training, will allow the auto salvage staffer to:

  - Understand the different types of alternative fuel vehicles that are on our roadways
  - Describe the various fuels that these vehicles can operate under, including electric, propane, CNG, LNG, biodiesel, ethanol, and hydrogen
  - Know required towing procedures for different AFV segments
  - Summarize how to identify an alternative fuel vehicle
  - Outline the proper procedure for storing each type of AFV
  - List procedures for disabling and immobilizing alternative fuel vehicles
  - Understand AFVs and fire
  - Know proper defueling procedures for AFVs, including correct fuel storage and disposal
  - Discuss procedures for the clear labeling and tracking of AFVs in your yard
  - Summarize correct personal protective equipment to use when addressing AFVs
  - Outline proper procedures for dismantling, recycling, and crushing alternative fuel vehicles

For more information on how to bring this training to you and your team, contact us here at AFV Educate.