US Department of Energy Clean Cities Program

AFV Educate has launched a unique program to support the needs of the Clean Cities Coalition network. 

AFV Educate's area of expertise in developing and producing relevant content for alternative fuel vehicle training, including for the audiences of Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, automotive technicians, and the secondary and post-secondary school market has been developed to directly support the mission of the US Department of Energy Clean Cities program. AFV Educate staff has used their extensive experience with Clean Cities to develop a program tailored to streamline this critical training.

Our AFV content can be delivered through multiple mediums, including instructor-led, live onsite classes, live and recorded internet-based video presentations, and other applicable formats. Taught by industry-recognized instructors, AFV Educate courses are available on-site in your area at very competitive pricing.

AFV Educate is also very aggressive in researching and applying for federal and state grants that benefit the communities we serve and look to include our Clean Cities partners in these solicitation responses. We are also open to working with you on inclusion into your grants in a support role. As a not-for-profit, we can develop and present materials requested and offer an attractive cost-share percentage.

To download our Clean Cities program flyer, click on the download button below.

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