Electric Vehicle Automotive Technician Training

AFV Educate has an extensive training suite for automotive technicians focusing on alternative fuels, including this course, Electric Vehicle Automotive Technician Training.

With electric vehicles being the fastest-growing segment of new car production, this information is becoming very valuable to today's automotive repair facilities. This course brings training and information to you and your shop, beginning with electrical theory and progresses through advanced electric vehicle diagnosis and repair instruction.

After completing this course, the participants will be able to:

  - Understand basic electrical theory, both AC and DC
  - Summarize how electric and hybrid electric vehicles operate
  - Describe the different types of electrified vehicles
  - Outline electric vehicle safety systems
  - Categorize electric vehicle charging appliances and their safety systems
  - Describe the different electric vehicle powertrain systems
  - Understand the specialized tools and PPE needed to work on EVs
  - Outline the different high voltage components in an EV
  - Describe high voltage battery technology
  - Demonstrate diagnostic skills utilizing scan tools
  - Summarize regenerative braking systems
  - Categorize diagnostic procedures for EV components
  - Understand the relationship between the 12v and high voltage system
  - Explain the operation of the inverter/converter
  - Describe unique electric components

For more information on how to bring this training to you and your team, contact us here at AFV Educate.

AFV Educate Electric Vehicle Automotive Technician Manual