Firefighter Electric Vehicle Extrication Training

One of the greatest challenges facing today's firefighters is vehicular incidents involving alternative fuel vehicles, especially electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The growth of this automotive segment is increasing, putting additional pressure on fire response to understand their complexities and the additional SOPs they need to adopt to assure "everyone goes home safe." This course will address the needs of firefighters on understanding how their extrication tools and techniques can be implemented with additional techniques when addressing a vehicular incident involving electric drive vehicles.

This two-day, hands-on course will train on the use of common firefighter extrication tools on conventional and electric vehicles. Working in rotation through multiple extrication pits, each firefighter will be given the opportunity to utilize extrication tools in real-world scenarios.

The student will quickly determine that many of their current extrication techniques are applicable to electric vehicles once the addition of specialized electric vehicle identification, evaluation, and extrication are applied.

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