Law Enforcement Electric Vehicle Safety Training

Many times law enforcement is the first to arrive at the scene of an automobile incident. Their knowledge of alternative fuel vehicles, how they work, and how to safely assist vehicle occupants can be a critical need to keep both law enforcement and the people they pledge to protect safe. AFV Educate's Law Enforcement Electric Vehicle training does just that, helping these first responders do their jobs correctly and safely.

The growth of electric vehicles is increasing, putting additional pressure on responders to understand their complexities and the additional SOPs they need to adopt to assure "everyone goes home safe." This course will address the needs of law enforcement personnel on understanding how the vehicles operate, their key components, and how to correctly identify them at the scene of an accident.

Taught by a first responder instructor, the participants will be able to:

  - Understand basic electrical theory, both Alternating Current and Direct Current
  - Summarize how electric and hybrid electric vehicles operate
  - Describe the different types of electrified vehicles
  - Outline electric vehicle safety systems
  - Categorize electric vehicle charging appliances and their safety systems
  - Understand electric vehicle identification techniques
  - List procedures for disabling and immobilizing electric and hybrid electric cars
  - Understand law enforcement response and electrified vehicles

For more information on how to bring this training to you and your team, contact us here at AFV Educate.

AFV Educate Law Enforcement Electric Vehicle Safety Training Manual