Propane Vehicle Automotive Technician

AFV Educate has an extensive suite of training for automotive technicians focusing on alternative fuels, including this course, Propane Vehicle Technician Training.

Fleets continue to adopt Propane Autogas as a fuel for their light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles. Training for technicians to maintain these trucks is becoming an important part of the automotive repair arena. This course will address the needs of technicians on understanding how Propane Autogas (or LPG) vehicles operate, their key components, and how to diagnose, maintain, and repair them.

After completing this course, the participants will be able to:

  - Summarize how propane autogas vehicles operate 
  - Describe the properties of propane as it relates to vehicle fuel
  - Outline LPG safety systems
  - Categorize propane fueling apparatus and their safety systems
  - Describe the propane autogas powertrain systems, including fuel tanks, fuel lines, regulators, and injectors
  - Understand the specialized tools and PPE needed to work on propane-powered vehicles
  - Outline the different components in a propane autogas vehicle
  - Demonstrate diagnostic skills utilizing scan tools
  - Summarize the process for converting a conventional vehicle to operate on LPG

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AFV Educate Propane Vehicle Automotive Technician Manual